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The Atlas of Arborell

Printing Maps From The Atlas of Arborell

All eighteen maps included in the Altas of Arborell have been designed to be viewed as on-screen resources for those interested in the context within which the stories of Arborell are set. These maps can also be printed, however, if you wish to produce the twelve A4 sized maps that can be combined to create one large wall-map of Arborell you will need to follow the directions given below.

  • Choose the map you wish to print then click on the "Print this map" link that can be found amongst the Atlas links at the bottom of the map page.
  • Clicking this link will open a pdf version of the map onto any resident pdf reader you have installed on your computer. The map can then be printed in the same fashion as any other pdf document. If you are using Adobe Acrobat select "none" in the page scaling options found under Page Handling. This is not absolutely necessary, but it does provide a much thinner margin for the map which will provide a better presentation if you wish to make up a large wall chart of the whole of Arborell.
  • To print the wall map of Arborell you will need to print all map graphics from arborell1.pdf to arborell12.pdf. These can then be joined together to obtain one large representation of the world of Arborell. A Mapset1 download file has been provided if you wish to download only these 12 maps for the wall chart.
  • If you find that you have any difficulties with this please contact me at toll@arborell.com.

These will not be the last maps produced as a part of the Chronicles of Arborell. Any further maps drawn for the series will be available at the website and as a part of updated Atlas of Arborell download files.


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