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When complete the Chronicles of Arborell will comprise more than 80 gamebooks, novels, and other associated documents. All of these materials are centered on the events that unfold in the three core gamebooks in this series. Windhammer, Earth and Stone and The Jotun War are the foundation upon which all the other storylines within the chronicles are based. A short description of each of these core gamebooks is given below.


The life of a Dwarvendim on the frontier is never an easy one, and for Halokim Vesh it is about to get a lot more complicated. Held as a prisoner in the dungeons of Maenum he is about to face execution, but as war looms upon the edges of the human realms he is made a proposition that he cannot refuse. Released into the harsh wilds of Northern Kalborea he has been given a mission, and he will either complete it, or die in the attempt.

Within these pages can be found the first of the Chronicles of Arborell core gamebooks and it is an epic quest set within a landscape of great turmoil and everpresent danger.

Windhammer PDF Edition
In this time of conflict the survival of all depends upon the restoration of an ancient talisman, and the renewal of a power that was once the foundation of the Stone Kingdoms of Halokim's forefathers.

Here can be found the world of Arborell in all its lethal ferocity, the Powers that keep balance in the world playing a deadly game that will see Halokim travelling the vast wilds of the northern frontier, and the deep labyrinths of Stoneholme in his quest to restore the Tellandra. If he can find it he shall save his people and all the Nations of Men from disaster. It is a time that needs a hero and in the world that is about to unfold you are that man, your ultimate destiny yours to make. In this new, commercial version of this popular gamebook you will find:

  • new higher resolution PDF format,
  • more than 600 sections,
  • a full character generation system,
  • combat resolution rules,
  • compatibility with the new Windhammer Enhanced Combat System,
  • enhanced character customisation using 22 attribute, skill and talent area choices,
  • a range of background appendices,
  • dozens of encounters and story paths to explore,
  • and new alternate endings.

If you wish to obtain the Windhammer PDF edition click here.
If you wish to download the Windhammer HTML edition click here.
If you wish to read about the Windhammer companion books click here.
A full online version of this book is now available as well.
Windhammer is archived with the National Library of Australia

Earth and Stone

The Dragon Windhammer has been defeated and the Tellandra restored, but the consequences of this great victory has left the realms of Arborell in disarray. While the Dwarvendim fight for their freedom in the north, a legion of spectral creatures roam the land, killing Man and Hordim alike, laying waste to towns and villages and destroying everything they encounter.

Within this chaos you are found by the mysterious Nab and sent forward on an even more perilious quest. To the very edge of the world you must search for the true source of EarthMagic, and then with shards of the Silvan Tree in hand, use its power to quell the violence of the Shadowch.

In your search for the Silvan Tree you will explore ancient ruins and delve deep within vast underground complexes. Your journey will take you far from the warm grasslands of Kalborea, into the depths of great forests and along the narrow trails of snow-covered mountain ranges. Here you will encounter both friend and foe, and always you will find the lethal malevolence of the Shadowch lying in wait for you. These creatures of mist and darkness are your greatest danger. Born of misused power they have escaped their subterranean shackles and now roam the world in pursuit of mindless violence and destruction. They, above all else, must be destroyed.

Earth and Stone is an interactive fantasy adventure gamebook like no other. At more than 1250 sections it is an epic quest, one that allows the reader to explore a land steeped in mystery whilst combating a vicious foe at every turn. This second book continues the adventure as the Dwarvendim struggle to bring balance back to a land too long suppressed by the power of the Kalborean Union.

Earth and Stone is currently in development and will be available soon.

The Jotun War

Three years have passed since the rise of the Shadowch and in those years the Dwarvendim have set to the restoration of the Stone Kingdoms. Migrating from the far corners of Arborell, the remnants of the Dwarvendim return to the fortress-cities of their ancestors and find both ruin and hope. For Halokim Vesh it is a time to look to a more settled life, and for a short time it is his to enjoy, but life is never easy or straightforward.

In the cold of the Northern Wastes trouble brews between the Kraals of the Hordim. With the power of the Mutan weakening the Hordim look to new leaders and the settling of old scores. From the Kraals of the Jotunheim the Jotun of the March refuse to accept the prophecy of the Living Book that gives command to the Jotuni Delving, and to disprove his claims prepare to make war on the Jotun of the West. With each of the Kraals of the Oera'dim taking sides there can be no resolution, and no chance that the Hordim will make peace with the Men of the South.

In a world that once again rushes headlong into conflict Halokim is summoned to the Grand Circle of LoreMasters. They have a new quest, one that sends himself and the Tak Lovar into the desolation of the Jotunheim, searching for the leadership of the Jotun of the March. As emissaries of Mankind they are on a diplomatic mission, but one that soon ends as an old nemesis makes itself known, and the future of the world once again hangs in the balance.

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