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Jotun of the West Gamebook Series

The Jotun of the West interactive series is a new selection of gamebook adventures that introduce to readers the character of Tansen'Delving, a Jotun of the Delving Kraal and an important part of the second gamebook in the Chronicles of Arborell series - Earth and Stone. Through the four gamebooks planned for this associated mini-series the reader will follow the quests of Tansen as he rises from committed enemy of the Four Nations to Halokim Vesh's ally in his quest to defeat the Shadowch. These stories take the reader to the lands of the Jotun of the West, and deep into the culture of the Jotun themselves.

Here can be found short descriptions of each of the five books in this series ( comprising four gamebooks and one companion mythology ). At this time the first, Shards of Moonlight, is freely available to read online, as a pdf download, and as a html download. The second, A Murder of Crows is currently available as a first instalment online, the remainder to be released shortly. The companion mythology A Book of Scars is also available online and as a html download file. A PDF version of this title can be found within the Mythology of the Oera'dim, a mythological reference that is a part of the wider Chronicles of Arborell series.

Please note that a flowchart is available that outlines how the Jotun of the West gamebook adventures are connected to the rest of the Chronicles of Arborell series. If you wish this chart may be accessed by clicking here.

Click here to download this new Shards of Moonlight edition.

Shards of Moonlight

Under the cover of night a Jotun warrior and his Mentor make for the barren lands of the Shattereen. For Tansen Delving it is to be his deskai, the proving of his right to be called Warrior, and the initiation that shall see him named as Favoured Son to the Chieftainship of Kraal Delving, and leadership of the Jotun of the West. What lays in wait for the young Jotuni is an unexpected destiny and a journey into the bloody past of the Oera'dim, one he may be lucky to survive.

This adventure is provided as both a html file and as a pdf file. Please note that the html version is distributed as a zip file and once downloaded must be unzipped and then opened by double-clicking on the index file.

Online Version | HTML Download File | PDF Version | PBEM Edition

A Murder of Crows
Upon the first breaths of a cold winter Tansen'Delving treks into the north of his lands looking to fulfil one final test of courage that will prove him worthy of becoming Chieftain of his Kraal. What he finds instead is assasination and treachery, and a new challenge that will bring him face to face with a hidden enemy. Is it his destiny to die a lonely death in these cold lands, or will he measure a deadly retribution against those who wish his demise? Online Version

The Horns of Gorgoroth
Drums sound throughout the lands of the Jotun, calling all warriors to gather for war against the Men of the South. With conflict looming once again Tansen must leave the command of his vast army in the hands of his brother Glydenhaal, and make instead for the Horns of Gorgoroth. Somewhere within the cragged terrain of these mountains dwells a Stranger, one who knows the secret of the emurion'ka, and the true destiny of the Jotun of the West.

Slaves of Creation
With war now raging before the walls of Maenum Tansen must complete his greatest challenge. Into the reaches of the Great Rift he must search out a man of the south, one who holds a stonewood sword in his possession. To the summits of Lamanthel he will lead a crue of Hresh in search of a Dwarvendim by the name of Halokim Vesh. Together they will confront the menace of the Shadowch, and bring into the world a new Power, one that shall bind their fates forever.

Click here to download this new Book of Scars PDF edition.

The Book of Scars

This companion to the Jotun of the West interactive gamebook series is now available for download in both HTML and PDF formats. Here can be found an account of the Jotun Underworld, of the perils and rewards that await any warrior who meets his End of Days. It is the first hand record of the True Witness, the only Oera'dim ever to stand before the halls of his ancestors and return to tell the tale. In his words can be found the dangers of Hallen'draal and the malevolence of the Dreya; of the pain-shadows that lurk in darkness and the oblivion that can only be found in Dissolution.

This new "Parchment" edition of the Book of Scars includes a revised narrative, a new format optimised for screen viewing and the provision of new full-colour covers.

To purchase this new PDF edition click here.
Click here for an older HTML version of The Book of Scars

The history of the Jotun of the West, and of the Oera'dim in general, is one long and violent in its progress. More information on the mythology of the Oera'dim can be found within a number of titles currently available from the Chronicles of Arborell. The most important of these is the compilation edition of the Mythology of the Oera'dim. This PDF download covers all the mythologies currently released within this series and is a valuable resource for any reader wishing to understand the core beliefs of the Jotun.

It should also be noted that a number of legends of the Oera'dim are encapsulated in the current series of micro-gamebooks available from the Chronicles of Arborell. These short gamebooks provide aspects of the history of the Oera'dim not covered in the major gamebooks and tell the stories of individual Oera'dim that have remained as folk-tales within their culture. Like all the titles listed above they are available to download from the Chronicles download page.

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