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Please note that currently the Shards of Moonlight Pbem is fully subscribed and can take no further players at this time. I would invite all who are interested in this Pbem to take advantage of the free online and download file versions of this adventure. Links to these formats can be found at the Jotun of the West page or the Chronicles of Arborell download page.

The Shards of Moonlight Play-by-email system has been developed to provide readers who have any type of email-capable device a convenient way to enjoy the Shards of Moonlight interactive gamebook. The rules have been kept simple, and a Players Guide has been produced that allows a traveller in the lands of Arborell access to all information and rule systems that are available in the gamebook version.

Shards of Moonlight is a solitaire adventure, a journey into the culture and legends of the Jotun of the West. You play the part of Tansen'Delving, a warrior of the Oera'dim, and favoured son to the Cheiftain Agror'Delving. It is the time of your Right of Passage and the task set before you to prove your worthiness will take you into the dark places of this world. The quest is dangerous, the barriers before you great, but skill, and a certain amount of luck, will see you through. It will be the choices you make that shall determine your fate.

It should be noted that Shards of Moonlight is the first in a series of four adventures that define the character of Tansen'Delving in the ongoing Chronicles of Arborell interactive fiction series. Additional books are to be produced over time and each will be adapted to this format. If you wish to know more about the Chronicles of Arborell you need only click here. To find out more about the Jotun of the West series, of which this book is a part, click here.

Features of this PBEM adaption include:

  • 120 sections of gameplay,
  • Character generation and combat resolution rules,
  • colour or black-and-white email formats,
  • restart capability.

The PBEM edition of Shards of Moonlight is divided into two distinct areas, the rule system that is described in the Players Guide, and the email system that allows ready access to the adventure's 120 sections. Everything you need to know can be found in the guide available at the link below.

To get the most from this online game you require the Shards of Moonlight PBEM Players Guide. Once downloaded the file should be unzipped. Double click on the index file to begin.

Shards of Moonlight PBEM Players Guide

Copyright (c) 2014 Wayne Densley. All rights reserved.