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The Chronicles of Arborell encompass a wide range of gamebooks, novels and other supplementary materials. The chart below outlines each of the titles, and shows their relationship to the three core gamebooks that are the foundation of this series. Here can be found a visual representation of all currently available titles, titles under development, and all remaining documents planned for the Chronicles. A legend is provided to define each symbol and colour used. All books currently available can be downloaded from the Chronicles download page. There is also a detailed synopsis of the entire series available here.

You will notice that unlike other gamebook series, the Chronicles of Arborell is not wholly composed of interactive fiction. The gamebooks that make up the series form the foundation for a much larger library of historical accounts, novels, mythologies and associated documentation covering most of the recorded history of Arborell. I have been asked where is the best place to start with the Chronicles and my answer is always with the first core gamebook, Windhammer. It provides a great foundation for the rest of the series and firmly sets in place the world setting and the differences in the Men and Oera'dim that populate it.

Having said this, the Chronicles cannot be seen as a linear story. There are a number of branches to these titles that each travel parallel to the main storylines, and a wide selection of myths, novellas and short gamebooks that have been scattered across the entire history of the world and its protagonists. It is a series designed for exploration and one I hope you will enjoy.

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