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Supporting the Chronicles of Arborell By Becoming a Patron

For more than two decades the Chronicles of Arborell has published a growing portfolio of epic fantasy fiction that includes interactive gamebooks, fantasy novels, journals, a growing library of microgamebooks, table-top wargames and fantasy languages. Currently I am looking for readers willing to support the ongoing development and improvement of this series by becoming Patrons, and in doing so help to ensure the success of the Chronicles into the future. To be a Patron requires a small amount of money be pledged on a monthly basis, and for this support the Patron receives a set of ongoing rewards. Those rewards include access to exclusive content not available to the general public, free PDF editions of new commercial releases, a far greater level of interaction with the author than would otherwise be available, and significant pre-release access to all new titles.

To become a Patron requires that you join Patreon.com, an easy and quick process that allows a reader to register as a Patron and then organise a monthly pledge amount. Patreon.com has been chosen for this purpose because it provides a straightforward mechanism for interaction between Patrons and the Author, and delivers a secure environment to distribute exclusive content to all Patrons. If you are interested in doing so pledges can be made for the small amount of $3 a month. It must be mentioned also that all pledges can be stopped at any time the Patron wishes.

What are the Rewards

Patrons who make a $3 monthly pledge receive the following rewards.

  • The gratitude of the author. A small thing but heart-felt nonetheless.
  • Access to the Patrons only Activity Feed at Patreon.com, the source of all exclusive Patron-related news and author interaction regarding the Chronicles. This will include regular updates on the progress of the Chronicles and a monthly Author Development Blog that will cover a range of topics and additional information about the world of Arborell.
  • Your name listed as a part of the Register of Venerable Patrons page at Arborell.com memorialising your generous ongoing support for the Chronicles.
  • Free PDF Editions of all new commercial releases to be made available through the Patreon.com Activity Feed.
  • Pre-release access to all digital titles from the Chronicles of Arborell through the Patreon.com Activity Feed. Patrons will get everything a week early.
  • Access to original content currently not available to the general public, that includes but is not limited to, the new Advanced Legends of the Deep Guild micro-adventures. This includes induction into the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor at the rank of Novice Brother, access to exclusive Advanced LDG series adventures comprising extensive dungeon maps, 100+ section references per adventure and special achievement goals that allow advancement to higher ranks within the Guild. To start Patrons can now download the new Advanced Legends of the Deep Guild rule-set, Career Manifest and a complete adventure, The Tombs of Hallad'Mortain.
  • And to end off the year properly a report from the author outlining the year's achievements and projects planned for the year to come.

For all readers of the Chronicles (and this includes Patrons as well) your support allows for the following additional benefits:

  • A quicker development cycle that will allow more titles to be released each year.
  • Better quality presentation formats and more sophisticated interactivity.
  • More illustrations and higher quality graphical presentation.
  • Ensure the continuation and further expansion of the Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction.

I would ask that you consider becoming a Patron of the Chronicles of Arborell. For a small amount you can help ensure that this fantasy series continues into the future, and as a consequence of your generous support obtain additional rewards that will remain unavailable to the general public. It is my hope that you will take this journey with me, and in doing so enjoy all that the Chronicles of Arborell has to offer.

Wayne Densley
Chronicles of Arborell
Patreon Page

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Copyright (c) 2016 Wayne Densley. All rights reserved.